Email Filtering

How much time do your employees waste dealing with spam email?

Have you ever suffered a virus infection?

What happens to your email when your internet connection fails?

Spam Filtering

The system scans all of your inbound email through an advanced email filtering system.  The spam filter runs thousands of tests on your email, including an automated learning system, to discern good email from spam.

The result? Improved efficiency for you and your employees.


The system also scans all inbound email for virus content and cleans it.  The junk is removed before it ever reaches your inbox.

The result? Reduced exposure to infection.

Downtime Protection

The system resides in a premiere, secure data center with redundant systems to ensure uptime.

The filtering service receives all inbound email from the internet.  If your email server becomes unavailable, the service will hold your inbound email and deliver it to you as soon as your email server becomes available again.  Your email is safe.

Your email is safe during power outages, equipment failure, or natural disasters like hurricanes.  You will not lose any email.

The result? Peace of mind.

Service Setup

In most cases, you can be protected within 48 hours of ordering the service.

Service pricing begins at $50/month.

Contact me today to get a quote and get started.

Efficient IT

Get Efficient IT and get on with your business.

My clients know that efficient IT is not a contradiction. When IT is done well, it should silently contribute to your success without requiring your time. You have better things to do, so let me help you get efficient IT solutions for your business.