IT Management

For smaller businesses, I offer complete IT management services.  When your IT needs don’t justify a full time staff member, but your business needs IT to be managed well, I provide on-going, proactive IT management including:

  • Monitoring system status
  • Monitoring backup processes
  • Patching systems
  • Reacting to system alerts
  • Reviewing new technologies for relevance to the client’s environment
  • Upgrading systems and applications
  • Developing a long range plan for IT systems

If your business could benefit from the personal attention of an experienced professional, contact me today so we can discuss your situation.

Efficient IT

Get Efficient IT and get on with your business.

My clients know that efficient IT is not a contradiction. When IT is done well, it should silently contribute to your success without requiring your time. You have better things to do, so let me help you get efficient IT solutions for your business.