A Moment of Reflection: Our Most Memorable Moments

Written by Sterling Ideas

June 18, 2024

Simply put: We couldn’t have made it to our 25th anniversary without you. Thank you!  

While every client is important to us (we can’t thank you enough for your trust in our IT team), we wanted to take time today to reflect on a few of our most memorable client moments since our start way back in the dial-up age of 1999.

Serious Segmentation & Hardware Update for a Central Florida Medical Practice

Sterling Ideas IT works with a client whose network we inherited when we started working with them.   

They are a busy medical practice that has grown a lot since we got involved – they’ve more than doubled their staff and added multiple buildings. This means that there isn’t a lot of time to take things offline during the day. For the last few years, we had been rolling out network segmentation and had introduced small pieces of it with this client, but the bulk of the work that needed to be done would be disruptive to their operations.  

The client’s network gear was at replacement age, and they agreed to roll out segmentation in tandem with the new hardware. Our Managed IT Support team:  

  • built segmented networks for their different types of devices,  
  • determined where everything was currently plugged in at,  
  • mapped out what things needed to look like during and after installation, 
  • installed the new hardware (simultaneously segmenting the network),  
  • and tested (of course).   

The result was their entire network (over 800 individual network drops) was overhauled over two weeknights and one Saturday! Not only are they now running on new hardware, but their devices are also logically separated from each other. 


From the client:  


“Our organization was undergoing rapid expansion which necessitated upgrading and expansion of our IT infrastructure. Sterling Ideas was able to provide the necessary expertise and services required throughout every step of the way. They have committed themselves to excellence, and I would highly recommend them to any organization looking to improve their IT services.”  – Physician • 65-Employee Medical Practice • Client since 2017 


When We Saved $500,000 in IT Hardware for a Medical Office in Tampa 

While we work with small businesses, over time some small businesses grow into not-so-small businesses. In those cases, while what we are doing stays largely the same, the scale and scope of things can look very different.   

Take vendor management, for instance. In one case, we were talking with a client’s partner on their behalf about a potential collaboration of their network environments. After a few meetings, we began to see the bigger picture and ask questions.   

The result – at the end of the day, Charles proposed a solution that would go on to be instituted. We estimate that it saved roughly $500,000 in hardware costs alone between the two entities. 

While we often don’t deal with numbers of this magnitude, having a professional interact with vendors and partners on your behalf can be extremely valuable to any business. A significant amount of our time over the last few years has shifted to being spent in meetings with potential vendors, current vendors, and partners. By being involved in initial discussions, your business can save time and money by instituting the best technical security and solutions the first time. 


From the client:  


“The Sterling Ideas team has provided dedicated support to our healthcare organization throughout our continued growth. They are knowledgeable, insightful and always reliable to ensure we are protected and able to focus on our mission of caring for patients.”  – Vice President of Operations • 300-Employee Medical Company • Client since 2011 



An IT Makeover for a Cosmetology School in St. Petersburg, FL 

Now for a more recent one from the education sector which is another key industry we support: 

This client came to us almost two years ago when he saw that his school would soon fall under the scope of the FTC Safeguards Rule. We were already engaged as the school’s MSP (managed services provider), so it was important to us to help in any way possible.   

We walked the key personnel through the compliance process step-by-step, meeting with them weekly until the new Rule and its requirements were understood and implemented. Because of our client’s close proximity to our own office, we are able to provide in-person security awareness training to all staff members quarterly, bolstering the school’s security against possible cyberattacks.   

This interaction reminds everyone here at Sterling Ideas IT that we always go above and beyond for our clients to help them thrive and meet regulatory demands.  


From the client:   


“Sterling Ideas assisted us in ensuring we are compliant with the new FTC Safeguards. This was a huge undertaking for our company, and we couldn’t have accomplished it without their excellent support, guidance and leadership. The staff at Sterling Ideas are always so helpful and patient with all of our questions and needs!”  –  Operations Manager • 2-Campus Cosmetology School • Client since 2019 


Celebrating 25 Years of Sterling Ideas 

As we celebrate this remarkable 25-year journey, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated employees, loyal clients, and
supportive partners. Sterling Ideas IT wouldn’t be where it is today without your unwavering trust and collaboration. We look forward to more years of innovation, growth, and shared successes. Here’s to a bright and exciting future together! 

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