SAQ: How can Technology Make my Business More Successful?

Written by Sterling Gardner

April 28, 2022

We’re going to wrap up this month’s series of SAQs with, “How can technology make my business more successful?” You should be asking this question of your business regularly because you never want to miss out on an opportunity to make your business better.

The main way technology can help your business be more successful is through boosting efficiency. Technology is convenient and automated and built to make your work more efficient. There are programs and software that can enhance workflow. But the easiest way to boost efficiency through technology is to make sure your technology is always up and running and at your disposal. You need managed services for that. You need a team who monitors the efficiency of your systems and fixes potential issues before they ever become problematic. Dealing with unnecessary downtime is unacceptable for a growing business. You’ll know your systems are running efficiently when you never notice inefficiency.

Your employees can work more efficiently if they have effective communication tooling at their fingertips. Even smaller hiccups like forgotten passwords or phishing-clogged email inboxes are unnecessary time wasters, which is why we employ password managers and anti-phishing software.

We’ve met with companies who have their office manager doing their IT. That office manager has a full-fledged 40-hours-a-week job to do. It’s incredibly inefficient to be using that employee as IT support, especially when that person has no technical training. So, as much as you need to consider how technology can make your business more successful, you should also evaluate your IT management and whether it is helping or hindering your company’s efficiency.

Here at Sterling Ideas, we are deeply invested in our clients. We don’t just make sure that your computer will turn on each morning. We spend time architecting your infrastructure to your exact needs and operations. We contemplate how to help you grow. We take all the technical knowledge we have and apply it to your specific situation and environment to see where we can help you improve. We take the burden of managing your technology off your staff. You, your employees, and your company deserve efficient technical systems so that you can do what you do best. Call us, and we’ll do what we do best: your IT.

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