Hurricane Preparation

Written by Sterling Gardner

May 21, 2021

With hurricane season around the corner, many of the devastating hurricanes of the past come to mind. I can still vividly remember as an 11 year-old watching the footage of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. This article, written in 2015, talks about the long road back for business in New Orleans even 10 years after Hurricane Katrina occurred. As a Georgia resident until a few years ago, I never thought about hurricanes being an issue for me personally but since moving to Florida, it makes me shudder when June rolls around.  Flooding, wind damage, and lightning damage are real concerns not only for me and my house but also for our clients we support in the Tampa Bay Area and throughout Central Florida. It is something we think about at Sterling Ideas and desire to help our clients prepare for.

Hurricane Preparation for IT

As data protection, availability, and workflows are becoming increasingly dependent upon technology, what happens if your business is flooded, physically damaged, or the power goes out for an extended period? If that server closet is flooded or hit with lightning, we want you to be confident you have a full backup of your data off-site. If the power goes out for a couple of hours from a severe thunderstorm, we want to have batteries installed on your workstations and servers so your business can keep moving on battery power and you don’t suddenly lose your work. If your office building needs to close, we want to help you continue working, even from home, as safely, efficiently, and conveniently as possible.

I don’t know what this hurricane season will bring; hopefully, it will be a quiet one. But as the song from Outkast goes, “you can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.”  Ain’t that the truth… is your business prepared for hurricane season?

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