Hurricane Season

Written by Todd A. Long

May 5, 2022

Hurricane season is fast approaching for us here in Florida. From June to November, our state is especially prone to see tropical storms and hurricanes. This particular season presents a serious threat to small businesses, especially if a severe storm comes through the area. Unrelated to technology, there’s a threat to safety, a potential that your business will have to shut its doors for a period of time, and a possibility that other services you rely on will be unavailable.

Between Charles, Sterling, and myself, we have experienced countless storms and hurricanes over the years. With that experience behind us, I can confidently say a few things about this season:

Our first concern is for the safety of our clients, their staff, and our communities. Technology can be replaced, and systems can be rebuilt. Before all else, we work towards the protection of the people we serve.

Second, when a storm is inbound, time is of the essence. This is not the time to start hurricane prep. All of your preparing should already be done. The little bit of time that you do have before the storm hits should be spent ensuring the safety of your staff and putting into action the plan you already have established.

Third, companies with a plan and an IT team prepared to execute that plan will weather hurricane season more successfully. When there is a threat to your company, you cannot handle everything yourself. There’s just not enough time. Let us do our jobs so that you can do yours.

As we prepare for hurricane season and help you do the same, we’ll walk you through the importance of disaster recovery planning and supply you with a free Hurricane Prep Checklist to ensure that you’re well-prepared for the coming season. If you stick with us for the rest of this month and implement the changes we encourage, you’ll enter into this hurricane season with a better disaster recovery plan and more peace of mind.

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