Written by Charles Gardner

June 10, 2021

In last week’s blog, Sterling talked about phishing and the importance of being vigilant to protect yourself from attacks. This week, we’re going to talk about Ironscales, the anti-phishing security platform we use to protect our clients and ourselves.

First, what is Ironscales?

Ironscales is an anti-phishing technology that detects fraudulent and suspicious emails which aim to steal information and take down network environments. Ironscales is based on an artificial intelligence platform, meaning as phishing is recognized by the system and reported by users, it learns to filter that message out of user inboxes in the future. It also detects patterns and “red flags” in emails to further sharpen its filtering capabilities. Basically, the more you interact with the system, the smarter it becomes.

How does it work?

Ironscales will automatically filter out known scams, phishing attacks, and malicious emails. All emails that are filtered out of your inbox are “quarantined” for review by an administrator.

Ironscales’ technology does a good job of filtering out phishing attempts, but phishing is a tricky thing to catch. Criminals are becoming sneakier and more sophisticated in their fraud, so we still need our users to be alert and aware of possible phishing attacks.

As Sterling mentioned in his blog “What is Phishing?,” watch out for panic-inducing emails, grammar mistakes, formatting issues, and suspicious senders. If you are a Sterling Ideas client or an Ironscales user and you suspect phishing, click the red Report Phishing button.

If you don’t utilize an anti-phishing tool like Ironscales, call us! It could save your business.

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