MFA Misconceptions

Written by Charles Gardner

July 22, 2021

In the last couple weeks, we’ve talked about what MFA is and why it’s important. This week, we’re going to talk about some misconceptions surrounding MFA. We’ll talk about why these exist and discuss the truth of the matter.

Misconception #1: MFA requires fancy, expensive hardware

Truth: It doesn’t have to, and realistically, usually doesn’t. There are MFA options that require a key card or a physical piece of equipment as a second form of authentication, but the majority of MFA is run through existing equipment and hardware. MFA Hardware Tokens have their place, but for a normal business environment is often not necessary.  Text codes to your cellphone or having to type a rotating code from an app on your phone get the job done and require very little setup time, and people are much less likely to lose their phone than a physical authenticator (badge, token, etc).

Misconception #2: MFA is a time-waster

Truth: Protecting your data is worth much more time than MFA takes. Most MFAs take less than 30 seconds to complete: an answered phone call, a fingerprint scan, or a code texted to your phone. Taking a few seconds to add an entire layer of security to your information is something you can’t afford not to do. If you really think about it, a few seconds every day to protect your information can potentially save you from losing data and being down for hours, days, or even weeks depending on the severity of the breach. Take the time now to protect your information so you don’t have to take the time later to try to get it back.

Misconception #3: We don’t have time to initiate MFA for our company

Truth: You don’t have time NOT to initiate MFA. Most MFAs require very little setup time on your employees’ part, and every day that your information is not protected by MFA is another day that your data is vulnerable. It can be as simple as downloading an app, running an update, or installing new software. Teaching your employees how to use MFA is simple because using MFA is simple.

Misconception #4: We already have MFA, so we’re good

Truth: You need much more than MFA to protect your data. Yes, MFA is a great security tool that adds an important layer of security to your IT. However, MFA is not a cure-all. You need strong passwords, security software, frequent backups, effective physical security, a well-built and well-differentiated network, plus MFA (and more).

If you don’t use MFA for your technical security—or you only use MFA for your technical security—call us. MFA is an important piece in the security puzzle we build for our clients and can build for you.

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