MSP vs Break / Fix

Written by Sterling Gardner

September 9, 2021

Last week, we talked about what an MSP (Managed Service Provider) is. This week, we’re going to talk about how MSPs are different—and better for your business—than break/fix.

So what is the break/fix model? Think Geek Squad. Basically, your computer breaks, so you call a service who will come in and fix what’s not working. For your laptop at home that won’t connect to the internet, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t need extensive support for your home laptop; you just need it to connect to your WiFi. We don’t want to say break/fix is never a good model, because it has its place. In fact, Sterling Ideas got its start as a break/fix company, as many MSPs do.  But break/fix support is simply not the right solution for your company anymore. We’ve got three good reasons why break/fix is not the right answer to your company’s tech needs. We’ll look at one reason this week and two more next week. Trust me, you’ll want to come back for Part 2!

  1. Your tech shouldn’t break on a regular basis. The whole break/fix model is based on the reality that your tech keeps breaking, which is obviously not a good situation. More than that, it’s not necessary. Just think about it. If your company is being slowed down and held back by subpar or even nonexistent technology and support, you’re missing out. With so many facets of your business being connected to technology now, technological downtime equals lost money, lost time, lost efficiency, lost reputation with your customers . . . and the list goes on. With a break/fix model, you’re still paying the light bill and your employees’ salaries, and your customers still need help, but your employees aren’t able to do their jobs because something they need is not working. If you partner with an MSP, yes, the occasional problem will occur, but it will be far less often and far less devastating. Don’t wait till your tech breaks to find a better solution. Let us put systems in place that proactively manage your IT and keep your business efficient.

Come back next week for Part II of this blog. We’ll talk about the other 2 reasons that you need to partner with an MSP rather than relying on break/fix. Until then!

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