New Year. New Technology.

Written by Charles Gardner

January 6, 2022

Hello, 2022! As we begin a new year, we look forward to every opportunity it will bring. This year, an especially exciting opportunity lies before us: our Sterling Ideas team is growing! Our clients and communities are thriving, and in an effort to support them in the best way possible, we’re joining forces with Todd Long, who has been the owner of a successful Tampa-area MSP for decades. We’re so excited to bring Todd into our team, work alongside him every day, and learn from him.

Every year that we are able to serve our clients is an exciting opportunity for growth and success. At the beginning of each year, our team takes some time to reflect on the past year and plan for the next one. Our goal in 2022 is to partner with clients who see the immense value of their business, their technology, and the people they serve.

As you look forward to 2022, we encourage that you take some time to contemplate how your technology will change this year. If you need a consistent IT team to manage your systems, you should probably look into partnering with an MSP. If you need better support for your staff and their systems, give us a call. If you anticipate growth that your current technology cannot support, let’s talk. 2022 should be a year full of patients healed, students educated, buildings constructed, and houses bought. Your tech should support, not hinder, your work. Make 2022 the year that you set yourself up for success.

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