Staff Support

Written by Sterling Gardner

December 9, 2021

On the 2nd blog of Christmas, my MSP gave to me: staff support.

Your staff likely ranges from those who struggle with technology to those who push the boundaries. Wherever your employees fall in that continuum, you need a partner to meet them where they are and help leverage your technology investments. So what kind of support do we offer?

Suppose one of your employees sees a suspicious email in their inbox, but they aren’t sure what to do. Let us know. We’ll walk them through it. We’ll educate them on identifying phishing, how to report it, and what tools they have at their disposal to protect themselves.

Suppose one of your employees has big ideas for how to improve the way your team uses technology. Call us. We’ll work with them to safely and logically improve what can be improved, within the boundaries you have set up.

Suppose we roll out a password manager to your company, and one of your employees is having trouble using it. Submit a service request. We’ll get them sorted out.

We can help your staff. From answering simple questions to ensuring those on the cutting edge can do so safely and within your boundaries, we are here for you. Yes, we fix problems for your staff, but we do a lot more than that. Our goal is to get to the root causes of problems and resolve those. Wherever possible, we aim to prevent problems by being proactive, not reactive.

So, we don’t just fix. We educate, connect with, and partner with you and your employees to make your company and your employees the best they can be.

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