System Availability

Written by Charles Gardner

December 16, 2021

On the 3rd blog of Christmas, my MSP gave to me: system availability.

Have you ever had an employee or coworker not show up to work without letting anyone know why or where they were? If you have, you understand the frustration, inefficiency, and confusion it causes. Suddenly, the rest of your staff can’t do their jobs very effectively, the team’s collective morale takes a nosedive, and all you’re left with is a whole lot of confusion.

The same thing happens with your technology. If you show up to work but your tech doesn’t, things go downhill fast. Your technology systems support your company and your employees so integrally, if they experience downtime, so do you.

You can’t afford downtime, so we do everything possible to make sure you don’t experience it. We monitor and maintain your computers, servers, and networks to help ensure the systems are available when you need them. Hardware and software needs to be monitored and updated to run its best, and that’s what we do. With complex systems, you cannot simply plug it in and expect it to work. To get the uptime you need, an expert must maintain the system. Let us be that expert.

One of our clients of 19 years says this: “We have had very little downtime over the years compared to my peers. If you do what Sterling Ideas says to do, your system will work.” There are certain situations in which downtime might be out of our control—power loss, lightning strike, flooding—but in every situation where we can help you avoid downtime, we will.

Your company is far too valuable to be down for the count. Let us keep your systems up and running, and watch what a difference it makes.

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