Veteran’s Day Appreciation

Written by Charles Gardner

November 10, 2022

Here at Sterling Ideas, we talk a lot about technology. We talk a lot about Tampa, business and security. We talk about our clients, our partners, and our staff.

We love sharing information with you!

This week, though, I’m taking a break from talking about technology. Our team knows and appreciates that the only reason we’re able to spend our days working with technology and running our business is because of the freedom gifted to us by the work and sacrifices of our veterans.

My dad was a veteran. My father-in-law is a veteran. Todd’s dad is a veteran.

We have the distinct honor of knowing and loving people who have shown courage and sacrifice like we’ll never know. We had the privilege of being taught, raised, and loved by people who have risked their lives and sacrificed much for the good of people they’ll never meet.

We spend most of our days talking technology and work and business, but we have those conversations under my dad’s flag, displayed in our office. It is not lost on us that we’re able to do what we do because of those who came before us and those who actively defend us. Although we may never truly, personally understand the sacrifices made on our behalf, we will appreciate them every single day. To our veterans, thank you for your courage, your dedication, your sacrifices, and our freedom.

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