What is an MSP?

Written by Charles Gardner

September 2, 2021

We at Sterling Ideas are an MSP. So what exactly is that? An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a company that partners with your business to build your technical infrastructure, offer end-user support, and support your business’s growth by proactively anticipating your needs.

As an MSP, we build your infrastructure to optimize your business’s operation and ability for growth. We are not the Xerox guy who shows up when the printer isn’t working; we are your business partners, and we work with you to utilize technology to give your company a competitive advantage.  Our clients know that IT is not a line-item expense; it is an investment.  So, we work together with our clients to craft a plan that suits them, and we have frequent reviews and communications to ensure that we stay in the loop and don’t miss an opportunity to help you.

Our contracts include unlimited end-user (employee) support.  This means that your employees never have to be afraid to call us with an issue – we encourage it!  How can we offer unlimited technical support?  We put in the work proactively through the systems we’ve built and the monitoring that we do to make your systems run as smoothly as possible.  We offer all your employees unlimited support because we know that once we have optimized your network and gotten plugged into your organization, there won’t be endless technical issues.  And when an issue does arise, one of our techs will be happy to help you get your issue resolved as quickly as possible, letting you get back to work and doing what you do best.  Our people are here to make sure your people can function as efficiently as possible.

We take care of your business’s technology, from installing printers to protecting you from cyberattacks.   In today’s technological environment, every business needs to have an MSP in their corner. Come back next week and we’ll talk about the differences between an MSP and break/fix (and why an MSP is better).

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