What’s New with Windows 11?

Written by Sterling Gardner

January 20, 2022

It’s here! Since July 2015, Windows 10 has been the standard operating system (OS). Until now. As of October 2021, Windows 11 is officially the newest Windows OS for your computer. Let’s take a look at what’s staying the same, what’s new, and what you need to know.

Let’s start with what’s staying the same. Windows 11 is built off the same general structure as Windows 10. So if you move from 10 to 11, it should be a relatively smooth transition. The new OS will look like an updated, more functional version of your current system. For most people, there shouldn’t be too much of a learning curve, and 11 should enhance your workflows and communication abilities.

So what’s new? In regards to security, Windows 11 has enhanced security baselines, antivirus technology, and built-in Windows Security. From a functionality perspective, Microsoft Teams is included in the system and will automatically appear in your taskbar. Windows 11 presents new options for you to customize your start menu, taskbar, and apps. You can even add widgets to your taskbar to show the news, weather, etc. You can also create multiple desktops and flip between the desktops for improved organization and workflows.

Now, what do you need to know? First of all, this OS is still relatively new. It takes some time to adjust to a new system, and there could be small hiccups along the way. Secondly, the increased security of Windows 11 is wonderful, and we love every little bit of security we can get. And maybe for your home laptop that you read the news on, it’s enough. But it’s not enough for your business. Your business’s information needs more security than this OS provides.

The good news? We know how to navigate through technology hiccups, and we have a thorough, intensive suite of security tools. Windows 11 holds great potential for your company, and with our help, it could be a great new asset for your business.

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