Written by Charles Gardner

December 2, 2021

On the 1st blog of Christmas, my MSP gave to me: cybersecurity.

In our world today, criminals are trying to break into your systems and steal information from you. It’s a very sad, but very real, reality. In many of our previous blogs, we’ve talked about the dangers of phishing, weak passwords, and fake websites. These are security issues that could lead to much larger problems like ransomware attacks and hacked systems.

Criminals can attack your computer systems from across the country or across the world. If you think your business couldn’t be a target, think again. If you have information you want to protect, no matter what it is, you’re a potential target.

So, in a world where criminals are making a target out of your business, what do you do? You protect yourselves. And unless you have extensive knowledge of technical security and the ability to implement systems to protect your IT, you need a partner. At Sterling Ideas, we deploy a suite of security systems to help protect you. Your computers are protected by an advanced antivirus system and the Huntress threat hunting system. Your 365 email is protected with Microsoft’s advanced anti-spam and anti-malware and the Ironscales anti-phishing platform. Internet logins are protected with Keeper password manager and Duo multi-factor authentication. We deploy security systems, work alongside you to design secure methods of work, and evaluate new options when the needs arise.

Bottom line – we deliver peace of mind.

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